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Bunnies(Baby Room)

We have a spacious, stimulating, homely and tranquil baby unit with a wide range of traditional, modern and natural toys, that enable unlimited learning and play opportunities. Lights, materials, mobiles and wall pictures offer stimulus for the eye, and music, singing and talk are sounds to be heard throughout the day. Our baby room is self-contained, with a nappy changing area, and its own kitchen for preparing and storing milk, baby meals and drinks, and sterilising of all feeding equipment. The babies have their own secure garden area, where they can access a variety of both physical and sensory experiences.


There are plenty of opportunities for free movement to play and explore including a Kasbah den, role play area, messy play activities and sensory areas. Our treasure baskets and heuristic items excite babies with items designed to stimulate all the senses. Our staff are very experienced and trained in caring and planning for babies’ individual development needs, to ensure that each child has appropriate learning opportunities. At all times the babies are aware that they are in a safe and warm environment where they will receive plenty of attention, love and care.


Our Ofsted report states that “Staff carefully organise the learning environment and provide a broad range of activities that ignite children's curiosity. For example, children are keen to add food colouring to milk as they experiment with different colours.

 Parents told Ofsted  ”all staff are happy, friendly, professional and do a superb job” and “I feel completely confident leaving my baby at the kindergarten and I know my child is happy, content and well cared for”.



Our Toddler Room is a lovely calm and cosy room. The emphasis with this age group is learning through playing and exploring with sand, water, malleable play, painting, gluing, sticking and messy play, are all part of a normal day. The children also enjoy playing in the mark making area, story corner and using musical instruments with dance to express themselves. There is plenty of opportunity for them to develop co-ordination, balance and gross motor skills indoors and outdoors. Experiences are rich and diverse to meet the needs of all children and to provide challenge to support development. In the Ducklings room children develop personal and social skills learning to share and play alongside each other.




Again, the emphasis is on learning through play and exploring new experiences, slowly introducing more structured activities, which challenge and meet children’s individual needs. Daily activities include arts and crafts, messy play, construction, role play, games, jigsaws, modelling, listening to stories and rhymes, baking, sand, water play, pencil skills, painting, toilet training (when children are ready), singing and listening skills. Children are encouraged to choose their own activities which helps to promote individuality and independent learning. At this age children are working towards their independence, they are encouraged to try and put their own coats on, wash their hands, and develop their own creative ideas. 


The Lambs have access to their own outdoor play area with various learning and development experiences, which the children are free to access throughout the day. All children are given plethora of opportunity for outdoor learning play using P.E. equipment, bikes, cars, climbing, mud pie making in our outdoor kitchen, planting and growing as well as role play in our hobbit house and play house. The Lambs have opportunity to take part in a dance sessions by “Lancashire Dance Academy” each week.


Ofsted said that “Children of all ages are given opportunities to develop their confidence as they explore and make choices for themselves. For instance, children can self-select resources and lead their own play ideas’.



Our Pre-school room allows children to become more independent and self- confident in what they can do in all areas of learning. We encourage and support children to be interested and motivated to learn. Daily           activities include construction in our builder’s yard, modelling, role play, and water, sand play, baking, listening to stories and singing. Children are encouraged to develop their creative ideas both on paper and through expression. The children have an interactive white board, as well as their own computer, which gives them the opportunity to develop ICT skills, and use simple educational computer programs specially designed for children of this age group. Outside play is available throughout the day to encourage physical development, using bikes, climbing frames, hoops, steps, balls and P.E. activities. 



The children enjoy den-making and regular welly-walks in the locality, making mud pies in our outdoor mud kitchen and role playing in the hobbit house and play house. The Cubs have a French lesson once a week, as well as a dance session by “Lancashire Dance Academy”. Cubs also have the opportunity to take part in swimming lessons. The children also have their own woodwork area where they perform simple carpentry activities in small closely supervised groups.


Ofsted said, “Children use their developing mathematical skills to confidently count resources. They are sociable, motivated and keen to learn. Children are gaining the skills required for their eventual move to school”.

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